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8 Reasons to Render Your External Walls

Whether you’re looking to boost the potential value of your house ahead of listing it on the market, or you want a simple but dramatic way to boost your home’s outward appearance, rendering the outside of your home could be the ideal solution.

We’ve come up with 8 reasons you should consider coating your external walls with render.

1. The Great British Weather

Unfortunately, the UK isn’t known for its temperate, heavenly climate. If you’re living in the UK, your home will have to contend with the whole weather spectrum, from wind, rain, snow and frost to baking heat and droughts. Rendering prevents the elements from attacking your brickwork, preventing leaks and crumbling frontages.

2. Long-Term Insulation

Rendering is another layer of insulation for your home, keeping wind and cold out in winter and making sure cool air stays inside in the summer. You can expect to use less energy managing the temperature of your home, which will have positive impacts on the environment and your wallet.

3. Boost Appearance

Brickwork often deteriorates visually as it ages. This is partly an effect of the British weather (see point #1), but it’s also a natural part of brick’s aging process. By covering any exposed external brickwork with a hardy render, you can conceal any crumbling or cracking with a smooth, long-lasting surface.

4. Long-Lasting Colour

If you currently paint the external walls of your home, coloured rendering (available in everything from neutral white to a jewel-toned emerald) can last for up to 25 years without fading. This keeps your home looking exactly the way you want it to for longer, with minimal effort.

5. Visual Improvement

Rendering often acts as an architectural facelift. It will leave your property looking newer, cleaner and better cared for, which are all great things if you’re looking to impress prospective buyers, or even just your neighbours.

6. Peace and Quiet

As well as functioning as a heat insulation, rendering can work in tandem with secure double glazing to keep the sounds of the outside world away from the interior of your home. This makes it ideal for noisy neighbourhoods, or people who have to work from home.

7. Moisture Management

Depending on the type of render you opt for, it can also help manage the moisture exchange in your property. It allows internal moisture (e.g. from the bathroom or kitchen) to escape, while keeping external moisture outside. This can help to prevent damp.

8. Personalisation

Your home should be a wonderful reflection of who you and your family are. Rendering can help you to differentiate your house from those around it, particularly if you live on a new development populated by identical homes. Discuss the different rendering options available with your chosen provider, and you’re sure to find an option that fits you perfectly.

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