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Everything You Need to Know About Rendering

Rendering has lots of benefits, from offering a property a facelift to providing an extra layer of insulation. You can read more about the positives of rendering here.

Before you can decide whether rendering really is the right choice for you, though, you need to properly understand what it is. That’s why we’ve put all the key information together here for you to explore.

What is rendering?

Rendering is a type of plaster that can be applied to the exterior walls of a building. It can be made from a range of different materials, each of which come with their own pros and cons, and it can be used for aesthetic and/or insulation purposes.

Why bother rendering?

Lots of clients decide to (re-)render their house ahead of listing it on the market, as rendering makes a property look cleaner, newer and more attractive. Of course, these are all also valid reasons to render a property for you to enjoy, rather than to boost the value. As previously mentioned, it can also save you money on energy bills and boost your property’s sustainable credentials by providing some insulation, depending on the type of render you opt for.

Types of render

Thermal render

For clients looking to really boost their property’s insulation, consider thermal rendering, which you might have also heard called external wall insulation. This involves placing thermal boards over the walls of your home, then covering them with an anti-crack system in the form of a mesh cloth. This means that the rendering won’t need to be replaced or maintained for up to two decades.

Non-thermal render

Maybe the existing insulation in your home is already up to scratch, or you simply want to add a splash of colour to your property. In these cases, you would opt for regular, non-thermal render. This means the anti-crack system and render are directly applied to the outer walls of your home, instantly boosting its appearance.

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