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4 Reasons You Should Use Plaster

Plaster has long been a popular choice for the finishing of interior walls, even since the advent of drywall. There are lots of reasons you might consider using plaster over the alternatives when renovating, building or redecorating your property; we’ve outlined the four that we think are most important down below.


Plaster doesn’t just add a professional and attractive finish to your walls before you apply paint; it can also be used to add decoration in any design you choose. Plaster can be moulded to produce ornate cornices, ceiling domes or panels, fireplaces and more. It can be made any colour, and adapts to a range of space sizes and themes, elevating them instantly.


As well as being durable itself (as in, it will last for a long time without the need for upkeep), plastering a space can actually enhance the structure of the wall. A chemical reaction occurs when the water leaves the plaster, making it more resistant to dents, knocks and chips. This durability is further enhanced by the metal backing boards that are usually used.

Simple Installation

Except for a small amount of dust created when the plaster mixture is being made, plastering is an incredibly neat, clean and easy process when done by an expert. This can be particularly reassuring when it’s being done as a small project, rather than a total renovation, as it will not ruin any existing fixtures that you want to keep. It’s also a quicker process with fewer steps than installing drywall, without the need for sanding.

Peace and Safety

As well as acting as improving the fire resistance of your home due to plaster’s inherent fire retardant qualities, plastering will improve the sound insulation of your home. It absorbs more sound than regular drywall, meaning you can enjoy greater peace and quiet in your home. This is also great for rental house- and flatshares, as each room will offer greater privacy.

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